Common Misconceptions about TV Antennae You Should Not Believe

Sometimes misconceptions are pretty hilarious to even think twice about them. Other times, they are so confusing that for one moment you even believe it. This leads to an on and off trust issues with the device. The worst misconceptions can do to you is to make you believe them and spread them. It is better to consult an expert before reacting to any of them. You must have fundamental authentic information about TV antennae to keep strong stance about a concept. Once you know the reality nothing will move you from your stance.

Let’s find out what are the most common misconceptions that have made their way into the talk of the town.

Misconception #1: TV antenna deprives me of more channels: This is a misunderstanding that every house talks about. Well, it is wrong. Depending upon the location of your house you can enjoy loads of different networks. You can watch many other channels than the free-to-air ones. Apart from this, you can also catch motion pictures, special shows, and song channels. If your location is near to the network the quality automatically becomes efficient.

Misconception #2: TV antenna doesn’t provide high-quality image and sound: This is another misunderstanding that pushes you to pay a big amount for cable. You can enjoy your favorite channel with efficient audio-visual quality. People think that since these are free-to-air channels the quality must be pretty inferior. The reality is the opposite. You can check yourself by comparing the results of a cable with an antenna. You will see that not only the antenna has better definition but also the sound is clearer.

Misconception #3: TV antenna is difficult to adjust: Whenever the word antenna has spoken the scenario of the 1970s and 1980s pops up in our mind. People think that it is the same as that. But, no. The era has changed, times have advanced. Now there are better ways to install and adjust an antenna. Usually, antenna holders and brackets are used to hold the antennae in the desired position. Furthermore, you can easily purchase an antenna of a reasonable price.

Misconception #4: TV antenna is expensive: As we mentioned earlier, antennae are no big deal now especially their price. You can get antennae of good quality with an efficient reception power at a reasonable cost. Since the technology is getting better more and more antennae of varying designs and quality are being introduced into the market. This has created a lot of competition. Thus, prices are not out of reach.

Misconception #5: TV antenna spoils window view: everyone loves their window view and hates if it is spoiled. You can’t let antennae ruin it for you. Good news is that antennae don’t need installation in the window. They are supposed to be on the rooftop, Rooftops are ideal for antennae but balcony and terrace are also preferred.

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